In the Digitalization phase, playing cards game is easier as before and its a good news for the loved ones as Gamentio offers realistic platform for them. Gamentio is in the beta stage and  its the most demanding card gaming alternative because it offers the most top prioritized card games like Poker, Teen patti, Rummy, Black jack.

Gamentio, also provides the instant chat features between the gamers, Emoticon support, in a cool 3D Graphics.


What Gamentio Features:

  • Customizable 3D Avatars
  • 360 camera Angles
  • Chat options and Private Rooms
  • Bonus Chips
  • Invite Friends by referrals


Why should you use Gamentio?

If you have the ability to make amazing mind points in card games then gamentio is the right choice for you & the best thing in the gamentio is you earn points based on your winning percentage or circumstance. High amount of win takes you to the higher points and when you earn the points you can redeem in the form of shopping vouchers and recharge coupons and even more.

Currently, Gamentio offer coupons from Amazon, MyGiftr, and Jabong, however, more services will get add as per sources.

Earn points by Referring a Friend in Gamentio

Yes, its true! the Gamentio offers you points through referrals, under which you can refer any Facebook friend, from which you can get 500 points per referral.

For Eg- If an individual referred 10 facebook user, then you will get:-

10 X 500points = 50000Points, Which is further equal to Rs500

But, You can redeem the vouchers or recharge coupons only if your referred friends play the game and win otherwise your points would be locked and we know its little complicated for the users but its worth it.

To make it simple we have attached a Screenshot of Gamentio Points system which shows that no. of unlocked points through which a user can avail shopping as well as recharge vouchers.


                                                    Vouchers which gamentio offers

So, Whats the Best Choice then?


Well, the best choice is to play the game without referring your friend, if you think that your Facebook friend is genuine then only invite him to join the gamentio, if you have referred the fake or invalid account then your gamentio id would be blocked and all the points which you have earned reset to zero.


So, Why wait just click the below and Sign up at Gamentio Today

Gamentio Website


Download the App by visiting below link

Download App Now


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    You won’t worry about uncontrollable dealing when pitching Copag.
    We think the game deserves a square square thing game, just isn’t it.


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