It’s 2020 and the Xbox Series X is the cutting edge of Microsoft support. The name Xbox is an outflow of our profound history in gaming. Our group’s persistent enthusiasm, and our duty to both our fans and the eventual fate of gaming at Microsoft. It additionally connotes our conviction that a gaming console ought to be for simply that – gaming.

Nearby Xbox Series X, we likewise uncovered the new Xbox Wireless Controller. Its size and shape have been refined to oblige a much more extensive scope of individuals. It likewise includes another Share catch to make catching screen captures and game clasps basic. The new Xbox Wireless Controller will be good with Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs and will be incorporated with each Xbox Series X.


The Xbox Series X will support 8K gaming with outline paces of up to 120 fps. In addition to beam following for sensible lighting, reflections, and shadows. We likewise realize it will bolster variable invigorate rates, which should help with smoothness and movement taking care of.

Obviously, 8K TVs are way out of numerous individuals’ spending limits you can anticipate that a lot of games custom-fitted should 4K 60fps interactivity. In any case, unmistakably Xbox has plainly focused on an 8K future. It likewise includes another Share catch to make catching screen captures and game clasps basic. A crossbreed d-cushion enlivened by the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series2.

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Xbox series X – Main Specifications And Price

A report leaked specs in October claimed the higher-end model would be $500, which fits that criteria.

The full specs are still hush-hush, however, Microsoft has presented some fascinating examinations.

The CPU brags multiple times the power the CPU in the ‘Undertaking Scarlett’ model. Contrasted with the Xbox One’s right-center 1.75GHz CPU, or the One X’s right-center 2.3GHz CPU, the Series X’s eight center 3.6GHz Custom AMD Zen 2 chip ought to improve each part of how games run.

There’s bounty more tech in the engine. Includes GDDR6 memory and up and coming age of SSDs (Solid State Drives) that are said to offer multiple times the exhibition of current SSDs.

The front line combo ought to guarantee that the Xbox Series X can stay aware of its blazingly-quick AMD chipset and convey the guaranteed ‘cutting edge visuals’.

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU
  • Storage: NVMe SSD
  • GPU: AMD Navi-based GPU
  • Max Output Resolution: 8K
  • Max Refresh Rate: 120Hz


At long last, with incredible power comes a lot of warmth. To anticipate it dissolving into a puddle of gooey plastic, Xbox Series X tall pinnacle packaging has a far bigger volume to suit wind current by means of a solitary fan and extra heatsinks. Microsoft claims it will be as tranquil as the Xbox One X.


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