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How to Make Ralink rt3290 Bluetooth Work in Ubuntu (With Pictures) | Linux OS

Ralink chipsets often cause problems for the Ubuntu or Linux users. Especially when we talk about the models rt3290 PCI, Rt3290 wifi or Ralink...
business startups

Business Startups : 6 Business Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

According to Small Business Association, ninety percent of new business startups companies fail in the first two years. The main reason is the lack...
fat loss

Guaranteed Fat Loss With These 10 Simple Steps !

Fat! The most scariest thing can happen to anyone, by means or by genes. Some are just concerned about fat loss while other do...
Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS–Look at its Features Release Date and More

Every Ubuntu user who uses Ubuntu Linux is eagerly waiting for its Ubuntu 18.04 Long term release(LTS). Unlike the normal releases long term release...
Automatic shutdown

Computer Automatic Shutdown – Here’s what you need to do

Is your computer shut down itself? If you are the one who is experiencing this problem then you are at the right place. Many...





Slingshot Router Malware – Biggest threat for Organisations

The cyber attack has now become the hottest topic for discussion when it comes to privacy for both user and organisation. After Cryptojacking, another...