If you are a Linux User and use Windows OS as well, then you must have noticed that if you are working on Windows, you cannot access Linux partition. And if so, then you have to reboot your entire system in order to access it. This is quite normal for sometimes however if you are doing some work on windows and you need to access file which is stored in Linux partition then what will you going to do?

Technically, Windows cannot access Linux partition at all due to non-support of EXT file systems. Windows Operating Systems are only designed to support NTFS and FAT format. Now the question arises how you can access Linux Partition in windows? Well, the answer is Yes you can by using third party tools.

How to Access Linux Partition in Windows Operating Systems

There are limited amount of software utilities available for Windows Operating Systems which provide Linux Partition access in Windows such as Linux Reader, Explore2fs and Ext2 Installable File System For Windows.

But the problem with these utilities is they are now outdated and they support up to Ext3 Partition, as we all know that support of EXT3 has been dropped earlier. For more information visit this link.

So, we are going to share you the method about how you can get EXT4 access Linux partition in windows easily.

STEP 1: Download Disk Genius

Now, the first step is to download a Partition utility called Disk Genius. This software supports all the partition formats including Windows, Linux & MAC OSX as well. So, Download it from here & install.

STEP 2: Look For in EXT3/EXT4 Linux Partition

As you have successfully installed the disk genius, now open it and look for the Linux partitions (shown in screenshots).


STEP 3: Open Files and Access Linux Partition in Windows

Select desired partition and navigate to the files tab? There you will find and access the whole bunch of files for Root partition.

STEP 4: Copy Your Desire File in Windows from Linux Partition

The moment you click on the file tab you will be access your files including your home directory and in order to copy files you need to follow these substeps:

Right click on the file which you want to copy, you will be represented 3 options, our advice is to select the first one as highlighted in the screenshot below:

Choose your location

Browse your location where you want to save the file.

Select the folder and your file will be copied to the destination.


Accessing partition in Windows Operating System is a big headache but somehow this method works in all formats. This utility provides the limited functionality and in order to use more features, you need to purchase the copy of Disk Genius. For more please visit here.


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