Digital Nomads: The Digital nomad are some of the pickiest individuals when it comes to the work gadgets they use – as they should be.

These tools and gadgets are what they use to make a living. That means it not only has to be functional but also one of the most complete packages out there. In short, it should be their all in one package.

If you are a digital nomads, these are the things you should look out for:

1. Size

For users who are on the go frequently, size presents a unique problem. For one, you need as much screen real estate you can get on that device, but you also want to make sure that it is not too large for comfort.

These days, we have massive 15-inch screens for those who need them. However, advancement in tech means you can get so much more from a 13-inch unit too.
With bezel-less technology being the fad these days, these 13-inch devices allow you a lot of screen in a thin frame.

Speaking of, the screen is not the only place where size is concerned, but the frame and weight departments too.

2. Functionality


The term ‘Digital nomad’ or ‘Digital nomads’ might be used to describe everyone who works on the go, but that does not mean they do the same things. They may be a designer, programmer, virtual assistant or writer.

Thus, the same laptop will not be advisable for everyone.

You need to look out for what will handle the kind of workload you want to give it. Since it will also double as your leisure-time companion, ensure it can run the programs you depend on for fun.


3. Privacy

This is something everyone should have in mind when choosing a computer. With the rate at which manufacturers are being flagged for building backdoors into their systems to spy on users, it is important to know you’re activity is private.

HP does wonders with their Spectre x360 13 in this regard, introducing a webcam kill switch and LED button for turning off the microphone. These disconnect both the webcam and microphone units from the electrical components of the laptop respectively, making it impossible for a hacker to gain remote access to your devices that way.

4. On-the-Go Tools

If you are moving from place to place while working on a project, you want to be sure you are never out of touch wherever you are.

Remember the HP Spectre x360 13 we mentioned? Well, it comes with one of such allowances too. Seeing as HP and ExpressVPN teamed up in the software aspect of this laptop, you are guaranteed a free trial of a VPN server for the first month of use.

This means you can travel to China and not have to worry about losing touch with your Social media, work accounts and more due to the restrictions in that country.

You are also not at risk of falling prey to public Wi-Fi attack schemes when you connect to the hotel, airport, park or coffee shop Wi-Fi.

Besides convenience, you also get security.

5. Your Turn

As a digital nomad, what else do you look for before getting a laptop? Let’s hear all about it in the comments.


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