The router is the most common thing when it comes to surrounding your home with Wi-Fi internet. But the problem arises when your overall experience becomes obsolete as your router got malfunctioned and becomes inaccessible which doesn’t get fixed by resetting, So how do we fix the bricked router.

How do we fix a bricked router?

When first we need to understand why router gets malfunction

Well, there are two reasons behind it

  1. Wrong firmware update

One of the main reasons behind the bricked router is the wrong firmware, So while updating the firmware, keep in mind that what is the model no, and manufacturer of your router, download the firmware accordingly so that your router is not spoiled.

  1. If there is a bug in a firmware (happens in rare cases)

Sometimes there might be some software bug that can also make your router inaccessible. Like we have seen stories of Net gear Router.

So, in order to fix the bricked router, we have to flash the router with the correct firmware which involves the certain step-by-step procedure as follows:

Step 1 Download the Correct Firmware for Bricked Router

Download the correct firmware version which you want to flash for a router this is the most important step because uploading the wrong firmware will break your router once again. So, it is very important to verify the firmware of the router you want to install.

For more, you can visit your router main manufacturer’s website and download the firmware from there.

Net Gear Firmware Download

TP Link Firmware Download

Tenda Firmware Download

D-Link Firmware Download

Step 2 Unplug the Bricked Router from The Power

After downloading the firmware in saving it to your PC you have to unplug your router from the power source

Step 3 Manually Assign IP Address to The Router

Now you need to manually assign to true to the router which you need to fix. For that you need to navigate to the settings>>networking sharing center>>and your router Wi-Fi device.

After that navigate to the properties and select ipv4 configuration packet scheduler and from there enter your desired IP address and the default gateway leaving the DNS field empty.

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Step 4 Plug the Router into The Power Source

After assigning the manual IP address to the router just plug the router into the power source and connect it with LAN Cable.

Step 5 Reset the Router (In Different Way)

Now you need to press the reset button of your bricked router for 3 to 5 seconds and meanwhile open your browser and type your default gateway address (see step 3) without releasing the reset button.

Step 6 Install the Firmware Which You Have Downloaded

As you type the default gateway address the router will open the firmware page. After that install/upload the firmware which you have downloaded and between this process gap does not release the reset button.

Step 7 Reboot the Router

Now release the reset button and reboot your router in your problem will be fixed.

In this way, we can fix a bricked router.


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