Every Ubuntu user who uses Ubuntu Linux is eagerly waiting for its Ubuntu 18.04 Long term release(LTS). Unlike the normal releases long term release consists of huge improvement and new features. The most important thing of long term release is its support cycle which is 5 years where users can receive security and bug fix updates.

According to canonical, Ubuntu will be finally released on April 26, 2018 & its has been given the code name Bionic Beaver which completely evaluates the Ubuntu users and the reliability behind Ubuntu.

What’s New in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

New Support for Color Emojis

Ubuntu developers have announced that the latest LTS release will support color emojis instead of black and white emojis which looks dull. By using Ubuntu 18.04, one can add or use emojis anywhere without even installing any app or dependencies. It doesn’t even requires further configuration.

In case if you don’t like color emojis you can simply Uninstall the Noto color Emoji Font

Continue Use of Gnome

As, per previous article Ubuntu 17.10 was the first release to offer gnome instead of unity now canonical has confirmed that it will use Gnome flavors in upcoming versions of LTS releases.

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Brand New Default Theme

Instead of old Ambiance theme. The latest LTS release will offer brand new theme which also includes the new icon sets based on suru theme as per roomers.

You can find the more details here

For more information about daily builds just watch this video

Is it The Right time to Upgrade/Install Ubuntu 18.04

It depends upon your choice currently the new LTS release is in testing phase so you may experience some bugs or compatibility issues. So, the best choice is to wait for the final release of Ubuntu 18.04.

Or else if you still want to try it you can try it in Virtual box without customizing anything.


    • No, we don’t think it will take much time, Normally the release date of alternative distro specially Linux mint would be 1 month just after Ubuntu 18.04 release.


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