Hypochondria is a term associated with a situation where a person start believing in disease or mental disorder, after searching the symptoms on Internet. It is also known as health anxiety. A person suffering from hypochondria witnesses anxiety attack several time making it more worse when they think about the outcome.

In the state of Hypochondria, the brain creates fake symptoms and convince person to believe it which further creates the real risk, developing health anxiety. The hypochondria is also connected with cyberchondria which is quite similar.

How the Situation of Hypochondria Arises

Lets Take an Example:-

Suppose you are carrying  a sorrow mood and instead of pushing yourself to find more ways to be happy or taking advice from your friends,  you just start to search the symptoms  on internet for “Sorrow Mood”. Now the moment you search, it will show you plenty of disorders on search page such as “sad mood happens due to major depression”. So, does that means that you are upset just because of depression? 

Simply No! because we also experience too many symptoms such as Coughing, dizziness, emotions, nausea etc. but that doesn’t mean that we are having some sort of serious diseases or mental disorder but the health anxiety itself.

So, as stated in above example sadness is just an emotion and its normal. But our brain starts making a belief that we are trapped by the disease because of sorrow mood.

So, In this a way a person becomes hypochondriac and he/she starts searching more internet about root cause or a particular disease in order to seek reassurance.

Is Hypochondria is Dangerous?

Now some of you have started panicking about this sentence ,so relax! The answer is , Absolutely Not. Its not dangerous but it will make you trapped almost in too many doubts where you couldn’t find the exact answer , leaving you trapped in your own thoughts.

What should we do to Get Rid of Hypochondria?

Well the Hyponchondria can last for maximum upto 6 months without any treatment. But you can make it shorter which gradually decrease your negative thinking. You just have to follow the below steps:

1. Stick to Only one Doctor

Always stick to one doctor, Listen to him what he says, Follow his procedure, don’t believe in anybody what he/she says about your diseases. Sticking to one doctor will make you focus on a only thing. And you will start feeling better than ever.

2. Don’t Google Anything about your Symptoms or health anxiety

Google has tons of web related information, and every information represents different meaning. The more you search internet about your symptoms ,the more you will stuck on your own thoughts. Such as “Now for sure i am suffering cancer” and as a result making it belief will create an health anxiety and it will make you feel that the symptom you are experiencing are real. But the truth is its Not. So, Stay Offline and enjoy life.

3. Stop Overthinking about what You are Experiencing

The best way is to eliminate hypochondria is that you need to stop overthinking about what and why i am having these symptoms even after your physical examination is Normal. The moment you do this you will never ever experience health anxiety or an anxiety attack and you will live your life free of huddles.

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4. Believe in Yourself

The most important part for eliminating any anxiety or fear is that you should believe in yourself no matter what happens you should not loose your faith. Believing in yourself  increase the level of self-confidence and self esteem.

5. Always Hope for the Best

Have patience! Hoping that one day you will eliminate your negative belief will make you overcome it easily. It will give you new power to eliminate negativity for whenever it fires your mind. Hope for the best thing that you are not ill whether its mentally or physically.

Conclusion: – Life is all about ups and downs and believe us its completely normal. It doesn’t means the end of everything it means that you are learning something from your negative beliefs. Next time whenever you encounter such hypochondriac situation where you stuck and didn’t find any solution just believe that there is a destiny for all. And once in a while everything will be pass and everything will OK.


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