Highlight: Amazon has banned their customer accounts for having too many items or returns without even letting them know.

The US-based E-commerce company Amazon has come up with some unexpected move. From now onward, Amazon has started banning their customer accounts because of too many returns and refunds. This is not the first time we are seeing Amazon move as a big criticism for customers.

A Primary benefit of an online shopping is to make hassle-free returns in case of any product malfunction or defect. But this could be really annoying if your online retailer bans you just for the same reason.

What Actually Went Wrong?

As per the news published by Wall Street Journal, Amazon reportedly banned two customers account who have returned too many items. One of Amazon customer, Nir Nissim, who has been a victim of ban policy has given a statement, “I was banned by the Amazon just because of making product returns”. Moreover after making so many call attempts to Amazon customer support his Account was finally reactivated.

One of the Amazon customer has also published in Twitter that how mistakenly they have banned his account:

This is not the first time it is happening with the customers. In late 2015, there was a tweet by an Amazon customer about his account termination without even giving any reason.


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The statement also published by Amazon:

It is unlikely to be blocked by using our Retail Services, there are minor cases where a customer abuse our service and get banned.

Amazon also added:

“We always make decisions on a high priority basis as we are having more than 300 million customers around the globe, We reserved this right to take protect the interest of our customers. And if the customer believes that we have made a mistake by banning the accounts then, we persuade them to contact us via our customer support immediately so that we can review his/her account and will take necessary action as applicable”.

According to the Amazon return policy, there is no clarity in which customer’s account can lead to termination without prior information. If the customer returns the wrong item to Amazon or if he/she returns the items frequently.

For More details: Watch the below video Published by CNET


Our Recommendation:

Be careful while you are returning the products especially to Amazon, watch out for your total returns otherwise you may be the next victim of Amazon service Abuse!


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