Not Staying Hydrated is an emerging problem which can happen to anyone, the main cause behind dehydration is lack of water. Dehydration can’t be easily ignored so let’s head on to some of its symptoms and treatments.

With this fast moving life, most of the people forget to take care of their health which often lead them to several diseases. Out of which, most common problem which people face is of Dehydration.

Dehydration is a condition of water deficiency when the body is not getting the required amount of fluid to function properly.

According to the research, if an individual is drinking a required quantity of water each day, it’s thoughts can change with respect to the environment, movement, and energy levels which further helps in promoting hydration. Even our 80% of the body is made up of water and hence keeping your body hydrated can give you major benefits and tremendous results such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Assist with nasal and throat congestion
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Detoxification
  • Prevent aging
  • Prevent acne and pimples
  • Hair health and vitality
  • Enhance blood circulation and promote a healthy nervous system

Symptoms of Dehydration

Anyway, you must have known the benefits of drinking water however you might be unware about the effects of Dehydration which can lead you to several  problems, such as:

1. Sugar Addiction

Lack of hydration enacts both appetite and thirst hormones in the brain, which in turns make you feel that you are starving while in fact you are thirsty!

Most probably the need of water comes when your body performs adequate physical activities. This is because your body burns stored glucose and while utilizing, it travels through your bloodstream to your cells that’s why it’s called blood glucose or blood sugar. Dehydration also impacts brain chemicals which can urge you to eat more sugars.

2. Breath Problem

Lack of water consumption can also lead to bad breath because water helps with salivary process which makes food easy to digest. Not enough water quantity in the body can make these glands dry which further makes the mouth totally dry and thus, the body becomes vulnerable to bacteria.

Thus, with this type of condition a person can have a foul mouth or breath if it doesn’t drink enough water regularly.

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3. Fatigue & Weakness

In comparison with the hydrated individuals, 70% of tiredness cases are caused by dehydration. According to the experts, it is recommended to drink at least 3 liters of water especially in summers along with watery fruit juice with are enriched with plenty of vitamins and proteins. Carbonated drinks such as tea and coffee contain too much caffeine which is probably the worst thing for hydration, infact they will lead you to dehydration. Although you can have green tea, as it is good for health and has more antioxidants and less caffeine.

While we recommend you to drink at least 1 litre of water upon waking up to boost metabolism and day reservoir.


Dehydration is routinely associated with muscle fits and soreness, however, according to scientific expert and chiropractor, it can similarly be a factor in joint issues.

This is because your joints have a thick, gel-like liquid inside that arrangements cushioning, oil and paralyze ingestion. For that process to work reliably, the joints must get adequate hydration.  Consuming liquids that are truly diuretics like coffee, tea, soda and alcohol can impulse liquid out of your system.

5. Dull URINE

Of all the Dehydration signs, this may be the most straight forward to spot, since you ought to just gaze down into the urinal. On the off chance that you’re hydrated genuinely, pee should be either clear and pale or light yellow. Exactly when it’s darker yellow or even fairly tarnish, this signs that you don’t have enough fluids to course and flush the toxic substances from your body.

Also track how consistently you urinate, since peeing less than ordinary can likely to be a sign you need to fuel your hydration utilization.

Regardless of the way that water is the best refreshment for hydration, you can in like manner incorporate more substances with electrolytes and complex carbs, which empowers your body to better hold the fluids you drink, says DeWitt. Select substances like celery, juices based soups, nourishments developed from the beginning Greek yogurt are helpful to keep your body hydrated.

Watch the below video for more:


With respect to hydration, it’s essential to start your day right. If you workout toward the start of the day, it’s basic to make a point to hydrate the earlier night and when you first wake up. By then drink water all through your activity and rehydrate when it’s done. The same applies to a standard day — staying hydrated for the term of the day — with the right supplements and the right liquids will empower you to feel energized.



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