Highlight: With a new LTS release, Ubuntu offers new and the easiest way to create WiFi Hotspot in Linux. The new Wireless Hotspot Feature supports Android and iOS devices as well.

Creating WiFi Hotspot is a great way to share your data connection with your friends, family, offices etc. But when you are operating Linux, then it would be a mess because there is no utility except command line package which would be too complicated to create WiFi Hotspots. However, with the release of new Ubuntu 18.04 LTS , the developers have made an easy method where users can create and connect WiFi Hotspot in Linux Easily.

How to Create WiFi Hotspot Easily in Linux Ubuntu?

As a pre-requisites , Make sure you have an active wired or Dial-Up connection. Through which you can share your internet connection with other devices such as Laptops, Android Devices or smartphones, desktop etc.

Once done, here is everything what you need to do-

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Step-1: Go to Settings

In Ubuntu 18.04, Go to Activities>> and Type “Settings”.

WiFi Settings

Step-2: Navigate to WiFi

Now Look for WiFi options in the left sidebar of settings and Click on it.

WiFi Option

Step-3: Navigate to Hotspot Option

Navigate to option on Top Right Corner and You will see “Turn on WiFi Hotspot” option, just click on it.

Turn On Hotspot

Step-4: Activate Hotspot

As soon as you click it, Ubuntu will Activate and Create WiFi Hotspot for you and the new window will be displayed.

Hotspot Activated

Step-5: Connect WiFi to Android & iOS devices

Now turn on your WiFi in phone or iOS devices and you will see an active Wifi connection on Ubuntu. Connect it and explore the world of Internet!

Please Note: The Above method only works on PC’s Running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS only. It may or may not work in Older Ubuntu/Linux releases, therefore, it is recommended that you should upgrade to latest Ubuntu 18.04 as possible to use hotspot in Android and iOS devices.


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