A website is a most influential mode for communication and sole way to associate with the world. Whether you choose to create a website to share your desire or any other motive, there are no limitations to what you can do! But what practices do you follow when its come to website promotion ?

Creating a website nowadays are much easier than it’s promotion. Generally, promoting your website simply involves the proper strategy which can develop the ways to increase website traffic . The process usually involves lots of tools which advertise your site. But the main issue is paid marketing and trafficking. If you have money you can easily advertise your site the way you want instead of  your  time and skill. But again, what if you are broke or have no channel support?

Why Website Promotion is Important

Promoting your website is an important thing for every website developer to reach out it’s thoughts . Apparently, promoting website target audience which influence and attract them and thus more visit. Hence the more visitors will lead to increase your website Search engine ranking

There Are lots of Ways we can promote For free

Promoting your website somehow requires monetary investments in order to save time. But promotion takes lots of money. So, in this case you can promote your website by simply following the below techniques.

Concentrate on SEO

One of the most important things in the promotion of website is its SEO, which is an integral part of the website that reflects the quality of the website’s content, keywords, Meta description, Title tags, Sitemaps etc.
Search engines track your website’s new updates through SEO, which plays an important role in improving Search Engine Rankings.

Social media Network

Nowadays social media has become a primary source for promotions which further helps a lot in increasing the website’s popularity by audience engagement. Using social media, you can share your website latest updates or posts with friends.

There are lots of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which offers pay per advertising program at a valuable cost. So, if you don’t have the time to promote your post via social network then let the social do it for you at reasonable cost.

Watch this video for more details about website promotion:

Directory Submission


Web directory is a through which backlinks of the website are used, which prove to be helpful in improving website rank, this entire process is called a directory submission.
If you want to have backlinks in your website, then you have to submit your website’s blog link or the homepage etc in web directory site as per category. Further, backlinks will increase your site traffic which promotes and enhance your search engine rankings.

Trending Topics

Choosing the right and a relevant article for your blog/site also plays a key role in its promotion. The popularity of your site also depends on the trending topics, because the keywords of trending topics are more dense, which is a new direction for website promotion. For example: A news gets on trend and people curiously started searching it on internet for more information. At the time, you have also posted the same news in your website. Now the more engagement search engine will follow, the more is your website chance to list in search engine.

Website Promotion – Conclusion :

With above tips , one can easily get successful enough to generate a decent website traffic for free which in turn will increase your revenue! Always remember- never stop writing posts, the more content you will offer to audience, the more regular visitor you will earn! And if you are not getting a single audience in your post, there is something wrong with your SEO.


  1. Great tips and those really work great not only for increasing web traffic but these actually help in overall brand visibility across internet including organic visibility from search engines. And content re-purposing technique to share our contents in different formats on different online channels to target different set of targeted customers and audience on our site, is very effective.


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