The innovation is developing each day, and it tends to be hard to stay aware of the most recent research and patterns. For that, we the team of Webwiks, has arranged this list of our preferred and of course the best technology podcasts of the current time! 


In this article, we will discuss five best technology podcasts among huge numbers that you should listen to. 

 So let’s start

The best five technology podcasts

  1. The Mission Daily

This is a technology podcast that is committed to quickening learning and helping you become more advantageous, wealthier, and smarter in life. The world is changing quicker than at any other time. Specialists gauge that innovation and mobilization will supplant half of existing employments throughout the following decade. It appears there have never been more difficulties confronting mankind. 

So do you know how might we advance, escape, and survive!? 

Learn. As quick as possible. It will take you one step forward in your life. That is the thing that this podcast is here to enable you to do. 


  1. Note to self

The podcast is run by Manoush Zomorodi and the length of this technology podcast is usually 20 to 30 minutes. This is about maneuvering your life in this digital age. Innovation guarantees that it will make us more brilliant, increasingly gainful and essentially more joyful, however, let’s be honest, the majority of us think that it’s quite damn overpowering a great deal of the time.

Note to Self is all about looking at technology from the human point of view: how it’s influencing our work, recreation, and well-being, and how to take advantage of it without falling into its snares.

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  1. Product Hunt Radio

This technology podcast has been run by Product Hunt, the platform for sharing and discovering new digital products. However, they give priority on the process that shapes the apps, and websites we love and the ones that fail. People like Founders, investors, and producers share their experience about their fixation on advancement and making due in the beginning up the world.

  1. Technology Podcasts: NPR  This is typically in a small duration like 5-10 minutes. This technology podcasts is produced by the legendary National Public Radio, which delivers short snippets of news related to technology and commentaries almost daily.


  1. This Week In Tech

This is a podcast of over two hours long. This technology podcast has been running for over ten years now. Every week, Leo Laporte and his visitors have a board talk approximately identified with the most recent improvements in the tech world.

They generally spread the significant news headlines, however, the discourse position takes into consideration much suddenness, so you’ll get a lot of well-disposed chat and industry tales, as well. The joke is an incredible treat for in-your-face tech devotees, yet every scene endures around two hours so it probably won’t be the best decision for a total web recording new kid on the block.




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