Recently we have discussed the problem of hypochondria that how it creates a situation of being trapped in health anxiety. The most probable and the important reason behind is Internet. Yes, you read it right the “Internet is not your doctor at all”. Many people start believing what is stated online. The Internet has a ton of articles or information which you don’t know which is right and which is wrong.

Most people have a habit of using Internet for their daily health problems. And if you type let say “Stress” on Google, it will point out related serious diseases which you aren’t having at all. And you start believing what’s written on the Internet but not on your doctor because the Internet is only medium which you think is globally accepted and believed by mass numbers of people.

What the main Causes of Using Internet as your Doctor

You Stuck in your Own thought

The most significant cause of using Internet for illness information and diagnosis is that it makes you stuck in your own thought which might make a person to think about it continuously. He/she may think:

  • Is this valid, I need to check my symptoms
  • Wish It would be not dangerous
  • Wish it would not create any serious illness that lead to immediate heart attack or brain stroke.

It Affects your daily Activity

When you read something on Internet it will have a negative effect on your daily lifestyle. You will constantly think about it. Why i am having this, what are it causes and so on. It makes everything worse. That doesn’t mean that something wrong mentally but it would make believe that something is definitely wrong with me and it will cause me faint.

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You stop Believing on Others

When you make Internet as your own doctor or counsellor then you don’t believe in what other says which is totally a wrong judgment. It is because Internet is not true at all. Just because we are having a symptom doesn’t mean that we are having same diseases.

You Started Googling More

Reading something negative on the Internet makes you habitual of “googling more”. This generally happens when our mind wants reassurance. And as we have said Internet is all about bunch of information and if you found the same negative thing on some other website it will cause you start panicking making you hypochondria

Here’s the Reason Why Internet is not your doctor

Although there are plenty of reason why you should not search health-related symptoms on Internet but the most common reasons are as follows:

Information are Not Always Accurate

Its true that Internet is a source of information but that’s also a fact about Internet that every information is not accurate therefore internet is not your doctor nor it will be. People tend to believe whats written on Internet instead of believing in the actual fact. This further gave rise to wrong belief and this develops the problem of too much overthinking.

Some People write Rubbish to Promote Their blog

In order to promote their blog some people write anything in their blog without having an extra knowledge about that topic. These tend to happen in most of medical information cases where don’t even know anything and post whatever they want to or else they just copy and paste from whats written in other website.

Different People have Different Meaning in their Site

Many people who are bloggers shares their own views or perception and every sort of perception is based on their belief and thats why if you Google about something you will get different information of same topic. Hence, You confused yourself on your own thoughts.

Lets take an example:-

If you Google about the term “Brain Tumor” you will find various symptoms like dizziness, headaches, blurry vision but if you go into different website you will find different information about same topic which can further caused anxiety to your body.

Conclusion: Internet is great way to deal with lots of your queries but it is advisable to not to use Internet for source of information related to your health. Because internet is not your doctor at all. Every individual experiences certain health related symptoms but doesn’t means that they are in real danger. if you think something is wrong then always go to your medical professional as you will get better diagnosis. The more you Google about health symptoms the more you gave rise to anxiety.


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