According to Small Business Association, ninety percent of new business startups companies fail in the first two years. The main reason is the lack of necessary efforts to promote deviations between the target group or the use of inaccurate methods for its promotion.

Not surprisingly, the economic situation becomes slower, along with rising commodity prices: food, gasoline, and diesel, which makes life difficult and miserable to individuals and business entities. We are in the period when many entrepreneurs are urgently stopping to give up their ideas because “time is hard” or simply: “There is no money in the world.

This is one of those good moments when everyone who seriously understands the introduction of a new company should take risks. Many business startups companies faced with a decline in the economy. More inclined to survive for a variety of reasons, from less competition to cheap labor & greater support for emerging companies. In this article, the tips you need to keep in mind when planning a promotional campaign for business startups.

Here Are Some 6 Tips About Business Startups

Identify Your Target Audience:

This is the most important thing to consider when promoting your business startups. Determine who would be interested in purchasing your product based on location, gender, age, etc. & then advertise your product on the network or offline locations where most targeted users are located. For example – It can be an online or offline forum or community announcing the announcement of your product.

Establishing Your Business Startups as A Brand:

Everyone likes to buy branded products. So try to establish yourself as a brand. Wear printed T-shirts with your brand and encourage your employees to wear them while attending meetings with customers, etc. Create a professional website and engage in conversations with the audience on social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and more.


Clients Orientation:

business startups

Educate your clients more; they will buy more from you. Your promotional campaign of business startups should not only include the sales pitch but also answer the frequently asked questions and problems of your clients. Your promotional campaigns should inform you about the benefits of buying at home.



Gifts and Freebies:

Everyone likes to receive free items. Try to convert your services or products free for future users during your business Startups. You can also distribute promotional items that your potential customers use a lot. For example: – If you are selling computers, you can create custom flash units with a logo and distribute them to your customers. Therefore, each time they use the flash drive, they will always think of your brand.


Local Phone Books and Magazines:

If you provide services in a particular area, you can add your business to various local phone numbers, such as yellow pages, magazines, and local newspapers. Today, most people use search engines to find information that can be added to local network entries, Google Local Results, Yahoo Local Business Directory. Most of these folders are free and can attract a large number of users each month.

SEO & Online Promotion:

SEO is a process that increases the visibility of your website in various search engines. Since most people prefer to buy online in the last few days and use search engines to find products, they cannot ignore the optimization of the search engine (SEO) of your site. You can also use paid advertising methods such as Google AdWords to place online ads on your website in order to enhance your business startups.


Each company is different and you need a custom promotional campaign, but these general tips will surely help you plan an effective promotional campaign to business startups.


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