When it comes to monetizing your website, the first name comes in every web developer thought is Google Adsense or Google Adsense approval. Every techie knows that it is most valuable and recommended advertising program in terms of contextual marketing holding millions of advertisers and payouts. Most of the people have tried to trick the google but when google came to know about it, they have made the process harder. And now the crucial thing is how to get it approved?

Is Adsense approval Easy?

As we know, Google is very strict about its policies when it comes to approval. Searching over the Internet will only spill the beans for approval containing thousands of queries . Out of which the most popular is “Our application are being declined”. Even upon improvements in their website their applications are still being rejected. It is important for the  website owner to examine each and every flaw or demerits in their website before applying to adsense. As later it become much complicated for approval.

Here is the step by step tutorial for beginners from scratch

Things you should Keep in Mind before Applying to Google Adsense


No Copyright Content – ( Probably Main cause of Google adsense approval rejection)

The primary advantage of getting adsense approved is to have a fair and relevant content. A content which is not copied from other website anyhow. You should write your own content and not a single sentence from any alternative site. Google can easily identify the content of your website as copied by using the web crawler. Hence it is strongly advisable to use your own knowledge instead of copy.

About Us & Privacy Policy Page

Another thing is to keep in mind while applying for adsense is that your website should have “About Us” and “Privacy policy” page. This will enhance google to understand what type of information your website is offering. Having these two pages will have greater  and quicker chances for adsense approval.

Make Your website More Creative & Good Looking

Google loves the website which offers more creativity such as dynamic navigation options, page layouts, and visual appeals. The more creative your site is the more it has chances of approval. If you are using wordpress then best thing is to purchase a “Magazine theme”  since it offers the best layouts although there are magazine themes available in wordpress for free. Also bear in mind that the site should be less complex and more visitor friendly.

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Minimum Content Requirements

Apart from a fair and relevant content, it is also advisable that your content should have at least 300 words. As per google policies the content should not contain one liner short sentences or  paragraph. Make sure the content is less complex and readable to viewers.


No Adult Content

Make sure that your site does not supply information about illegal stuffs such as weapons, drugs etc. As google strictly don’t support the use of information which cause harm to society. Your website should be informative.


Do not lose hope. Be patience and take your time to fix the issues on your website Google adsense approval. No matter if your website is getting disapproved, you can apply as many time until you finally get the approval.


For more information about Google adsense approval please visit adsense policies.



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