Linux and Windows have their advantages and disadvantages. But when you need to select one of them, a thorough analysis is needed. To know what the leader is, read on about Linux vs windows.

Web hosting service offers the user a successful presence on the web. The operating system you use does not determine which web hosting service to choose from
Windows web hosting is a hosting solution developed by Microsoft, which facilitates and effectively integrates all Microsoft applications. Windows serves as a basic platform for users who want to create dynamic websites using the ASP.NET framework. Simple integration, application compatibility, one point of control and high level of security are some of the incredible features.


A Linux is a popular operating system on the Internet because it’s not expensive to install and it’s easy to get started. Linux web hosting seems to be a stable, efficient and reliable system that is often used by the web and e-mail servers. Linux is the best option if you use PHP, Perl or MySQL. Comparing two web hosting services from a wider perspective can help us choose one of them.


A few years ago there was a significant difference between the hosting of dedicated servers in Windows and Linux. It is therefore important to select a server or hosting package after understanding the similarities and differences between the servers. You must also ensure that the system works before you select a server or hosting package. Here are some differences in Linux vs Windows:-



One of the most important differences you will see in Linux vs Windows is the Windows Dedicated Server Hosting and Linux is the way you access each of the servers. Although both servers provide you with access via FTP and can follow the power to transfer information, you only have access to an external server through Linux hosting. You can exchange files on both servers, but only with a Dedicated Server on Windows, you can access more serious parts of the server offering an advanced management option.


The requirements of technicians and developers are considered when designing and developing the Linux hosting system standard. These applications are used later and as best customers; they get the best Linux-based hosting functions. In addition, you can take advantage of the development benefits that take place in the Linux hosting system to get an improved service. Unlike the Linux host system, the dedicated Windows server was developed directly for the end user. That is less complicated then.

Programming language:

Programming languages used for both servers are another significant difference between Linux hosting and dedicated hosting. While service providers create a Linux host system using CGI, PHP or Perl programming language, the dedicated Windows server is created using ColdFusion, ASP, and .NET. Differences can even be found in the database management system because Linux uses the MySQL administrator database and Windows Hosting uses SQL Server or MS Access. In this way, you can understand the factors that directly affect the process of developing a website and even applications that are linked to one or other platforms.



In the security area, the Linux hosting system is more secure than a dedicated server. You have access to the Linux operating system without paying the amount. Therefore, you can also make changes that can improve the server service. The source code is open to everyone. In order for the source code to be opened, hackers tried to enter the server and reduce the size of the system, but this did not work. This is only possible due to the large community that supports the creation and enhancement of Linux hosting services. Despite being open.

Conclusion: Linux vs Windows

Both Linux and windows perform great in their respective fields as it totally depends upon the user requirement and compatibility. Most people who are in the development field usually prefer Linux over Windows however when it comes to enriched GUI experience along with applications or gaming versatility, people often go for Windows.



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