Windows 10 automatic updates is great source of preventing your computer from threats or security breach but it also has certain disadvantages specially the delivery of updates. By restrict background data, you can save one!

Windows 10 downloads the updates packages automatically in background without notifying the users which further led to increase in background data consumption. We should know that many windows users have limited internet bandwidth and this could be a huge painful blow if your half of the internet data wasted in just background downloading of Windows 10 Updates.

Here’s how you can Restrict background data?

Although there are plenty of method through which you can restrict your background data but they are not much beneficial. Let’s take a look at following procedure which tells you how you can restrict background process.


Case 1- If You Use WIFI

Windows 10 delivers the best internet experience via WIFI connectivity. It provides the option to limit the bandwidth of your connection which enables you to restrict background data for particular WiFi connection. To enable metered connection option please follow the below steps to restrict background data:


Step – 1

Navigate to settings and search for WIFI option and click on “Manage known Networks”.

Step – 2

Click on the preferred connection and go to properties for which you want to restrict the background data.

Step – 3

All you have to do is enable the option of “Set as metered connection”.

Step – 4

Reconnect your WIFI, Enjoy!

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Case 2 – If you use connection other than WIFI

Step – 1

Open Task Manager ( ALT+Ctrl + Esc )Key.

Step – 2

Navigate to Services Tab.

Step – 3

Click on Open Services.

Step – 4

A new Dialog box will open containing all Services managed by windows.

Step – 5

Look for BITS Service formally known as Background Intelligent Transfer Service and Click on Properties.

Step – 6

After clicking and Set value to Disabled to restrict background data.


Please Note: Disabling the BITS service in windows led to failure in background updates process which further led to restrict background data. If you want to perform a background update please make sure that your BITS service is on running state.  You can also check our post to disable windows update.


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