Our Mind is based on millions of memories of past and present. It creates situations, circumstances, negative thoughts and emotions no matter being negative feelings or positive ones. Every individual has its cause of dealing with the particular problem.

One feels happy can do a lot of things as compared to one who’s feeling sad. But that doesn’t mean that feeling sad or hopeless for particular situation or circumstance can happen in a real.Today millions of people are facing fear, intrusive thoughts which have no meaning at all. And thus it makes anxious and affects their daily life.

We have seen many people struggling with the feeling of negativity that something worse will happen or how we are going to cope with it. They start finding the solution of that problem but eventually fails. Afterward they keep on finding the new solutions but that didn’t work well.

Are Negative Feelings Real?

Not really! Negative feelings are not real. They will just haunt you. Its temporary, which comes and goes. We don’t have to worry about that. It is totally a fake emotion which probably caused by a traumatic event.

For Example – Some person dies suddenly due to some serious health condition.

His closed ones will experience the following negative emotions

• Lost everything which tends to insecurity
• Life is not what it means to be
• Overwhelming feelings or feeling frightened
• Constantly thinking about what, why it happened

Remember these are just feelings nothing more than that. These can’t be a fact. Your brain will take time to cope with these negative emotions. Life is a very important thing and it is the biggest happiness we ever have. It has ups and down, this is what all matters.

Negative emotions – What basically are they?

These basically are caused by Anxiety. Yes, The Anxiety is itself a behavior in which a person experiences a negative emotion, panic, sadness, or a fear of a particular thing or circumstance. These above symptoms interfere with day to day life of a person and can make it worse.

Anxiety is a situation where the brain sends a negative signal of fear and gives you warning signs that something bad going to happen.

But believe us it’s just a Panic attack. It will make your some minutes of life worse but that doesn’t mean that you will attempt something negative thing or die with the panic attack. The main purpose behind the panic attack is that the brain is making yourself alerted about a thing or a situation. Sometimes brain alerts right but 90% times the anxiety attack witness it’s just nothing except delusions. And the most important part is that we start believing in that delusion.

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Let’s Take an Example:-

You a horror movie and got too much scared. Afterward, our mind starts believing what we saw in the movie hence whenever we stay alone at night we immediately experience a panic attack situation.

This is because our brain had already made a perception that a ghost will appear and hunt you down.

How to fix Negativity emotions which makes you Anxious?

 Ignore Negativity

The biggest mistake people do is they accept negativity as soon as they witness it and explore solutions as the reason they stuck on themselves which led to an increase in anxiety. Understand the root cause and

Accept that you are Having Anxiety

Second most recommended method is to accept that anxiety but with confidence. Believe us anxiety will go off within a seconds. Panic attack remains with the people when they don’t accept it or try to avoid it.

Acknowledge or Feel what’s negative thoughts are telling you

Try to figure out what exactly negative thoughts are telling you, the fact is negative thoughts tell us something and we perceive something. That’s the main thing where everybody lacks. It eventually leads to a more overwhelming response and fear. So, recognize the root cause whenever you had the panic attack or anxious moment where you think of losing control.

Make Strong belief

If you successfully follow the above three principles you will get the control of your brain. When you have the belief you don’t even encounter a stressful or anxious situation at all in your entire life

So, in this way, you can eliminate anxiety and negative feelings, and can live a worry-free life. Anxiety is the normal reaction of a body but don’t worry about it and just make yourself balanced.


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