Our body needs many nutrients such as carbs, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins for optimal function and performance.But what if our body does not get enough amount of thiamine (vitamin B1),which further becomes vicinity of serious diseases such as paralysis, hearing and breathing difficulties, loss of sense etc. causing “Beriberi” A kind of Thiamine deficiency syndrome.

Beriberi is a disorder that causes Vitamin B1 deficiency. It can also refer as thiamine deficiency syndrome.

The worst cause of the deficiency is breakdown of cardiovascular system which generally happens with pregnant women.

How This Syndrome Effects Our Body

Generally, when our body is suffering from shortage of thiamine or syndrome (which is essential source of our nervous system), a person starts noticing its symptoms. If not compensate early, it can directly affects our body including the muscles, heart, nerves, and digestive system.

What are the common symptoms of Beriberi

Is Beri-Beri (Thiamine deficiency) Can be Cured?

Absolutely yes, it can be completely cured with or without medications. Patients with severe deficiency conditions are required to take medications as advisable by medical professional. However, mild deficiency can be improved by following a well balanced diet.

Watch the below video: 12 Rich foods for Vitamin B1 and for beriberi

Naturally, the deficiency of Vitamin can be decrease by selecting foods which have high amount of thiamine. Below steps can be helpful in order to improve vitamin levels -:

  Avoid Use of Alcohol







Drinking too much alcohol can have serious impact on your liver, which is involved with detoxification of the body after excessive amount of alcohol intake. Alcohol can make hard for your body to absorb and store thiamine.

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Say No to Junk Food


Junk food is often linked to health problems which can be considered to be poor malnutrition.  Junk food eaters who have thiamine deficiency usually tends to be more aggressive and irritable. Where more suffer severe abdominal pain, chest pain, fatigue, insomnia , frightening dreams etc. refraining yourself from junk food or treating once a month can lead to stash the effect of thiamine deficiency.


Maintain proper Diet

An adjusted and appropriate eating routine comprises of  natural products, vegetables, and whole grains (e.g. cereals or legumes) can give boost to thiamine. This gives you vitamin B1, as well as the quality profile of the other basic minerals, vitamins, and supplements.

Brown Rice

Brown Rice is said to be the best source of thiamine which should be prioritized to include in a daily diet regime. However we suggest you to avoid polished rice as they lack Vitamin B1. Being a complex carbohydrate with decent nutrient profile, brown rice can help you evade beriberi.

With the exception in outrageous cases, while the body is in recovery phase, a legitimate eating regimen containing more thiamine should be provided to the body. You should not fear excessive thiamine intake as it is a water-dissolvable vitamin and can be eject conveniently!


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