Initially released at 2016, Locky ransomware tends to be more complicated in terms of decryption. It is active since February 2017, infecting millions of PC and targeting servers especially government organizations.

Security experts and researchers have reported about the activity of this ransomware. And the worst part is that there is no way you can decrypt your files unless you pay the bounty up to half bitcoins to attackers.

The Government flashes the danger to all the organizations in order to take an effective measure and prevent further attacks. The main drawback is most of the firms are still using legacy Windows XP turning to be more vulnerable for attackers.

Below is the video which shows the demonstration of Locky Ransomware

How it infects Your Computer?

Unlike other malware, locky ransomware spread through e-mails. The attacker sends you the fake e-mails along with the attachment to download Image files especially in .PNG format and zip format. Once opened it will lock out your system and encrypt files.

After encryption , it will give you further instructions to install Tor browser and to visit the provided link. Once you land on platform it will prompt you to decrypt your documents along with payment instructions via Bitcoins.

In order to invade user, the attacker are using subjects like Urgent information, Important Information, For your consideration, Your account information, Best security and much more.

How to Prevent from Locky Ransomware

As per security experts, there is no tool which can decrypt your files unless you pay the bounty to attacker.  However  you can use the following measures to stay out of locky ransomware:

Do not open untrusted mails

Always open the valid mail which you trust. Just mark it as a Spam if you think that the mail you received is suspicious . And not to forget to use legit antivirus which have protection against phishing emails.

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Keep your Operating System up to date to prevent Locky Ransomware

The crucial part of the ransomware is that it is developed while considering the vulnerability of OS. However Microsoft regularly releases security patches which block unauthenticated access. Thus, installing the latest security updates will help you in prevention of latest threats.

Always use the trusted Antivirus

The most important part to explicate any virus and ransomware is to purchase the trusted antivirus which offer better protection. These anti-viruses are available online at decent cost.

It is advisable not to use the free antivirus products as it will offer the limited protection and also sometimes fail to detect the harmful viruses across the globe.

Make regular backup of your important files

Always make a regular backup of your important files and documents to the External drive or cloud storage like Google Drive, One drive etc. This will help you in recovering the files easily even when your PC gets infected.


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